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Karuma PlayBase Plus – antimicrobial screen

Posted on | March 31, 2012 | No Comments

Karuma PlayBase Plus is a tablet for your child, but you should know from the start that that’s not the case to think about too much fun or entertainment. Coming with a limited price of no more than $229, there’s no surprise that its features are limited too. So let’s see more exactly what sort of complains we have.

Karuma PlayBase Plus

Let’s hope that your child is very patient as long as Karuma PlayBase Plus is equipped only with a single-core 1.2GHz A8 processor, so you can simply imagine that we are talking about a slow performance, not to mention the low-resolution screen having 800-by-480-pixel resolution. In terms of connectivity, Karuma PlayBase Plus offers a few options such as: 3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port, or a microSD card slot.

There is no kid-friendly content selection and the basic rear-facing camera is also forgotten. So, if it is something to be called interesting about Karuma PlayBase Plus is the fact that in comes with anti-bacterial attributes, something that we haven’t seen before. So we actually have an antimicrobial screen – one aspect that could determine you to take in consideration this model.

Karuma PlayBase Plus Karuma PlayBase Plus Karuma PlayBase Plus


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