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Could children influence the technology?

Posted on | March 17, 2012 | No Comments

We all know what sort of impact computers have for our children. But some scientists from the University of California, Berkeley thought about an innovative concept: the possibility that children influence the technology, as long as they have the ability to learn so fast such a big amount of information.

Could children influence the technology

Numerous psychologists, computer scientists and philosophers from this university have shocking discoveries for us. From babies to preschoolers – children were exposed to specific experiments involving spinning toys, lollipops, music makers and many other elements and the result is a final one. They have certain patterns and skills which could help the idea of programing computers to be more responsive than ever.

And don’t think that that’s all when it comes to this study. We have for you some well-known names of researchers such as Gopnik or Griffiths and they are prepared to launch a multidisciplinary center in order to discover more about the chance of children making computers more accessible and finally, why not even smarter?


Could children influence the technology Could children influence the technology Could children influence the technology


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